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Your notes are your main study material. To make sure you take good notes that will actually help you study for your tests, follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Pearland TX.

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How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

Keep Your Notebooks Cleaned and Organized

The first tip is to keep your notebooks cleaned and organized, as it can be difficult to have good notes if the notebooks you write them on are disheveled and dirty. To that end, you need to keep your school subjects separated (have one notebook for each of them) and use them accordingly, so you don't get you the notes for your different subjects mixed up. It's also imperative that you avoid making too many mistakes when writing your notes, or doodling on your notebooks. These can actually distract you and confuse you when you should be studying, so avoid them whenever possible.

Have Your Writing Tools Ready

It should go without saying that a requisite you should follow in order to take notes is having writing tools handy and ready to be used. That's why, you should ensure that you have pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters, and more in your pencil case and that you take them with you everyday to class. Your learning experience can suffer if you don't. Likewise, it's necessary that you have all of those writing tools within arm's reach in the classroom. In many cases, being time-efficient is a must when taking notes. Keep your supplies handy so you don't waste time searching for them.

Put Together a Writing Strategy

Once again, time is of the essence when you're writing down your notes. This is because, if you take a long time to note something down, you may fall behind with the rest of the class, which can result in incomplete notes. For that reason, it's important that you put together a writing strategy that can help you be more efficient. Using common abbreviations and symbols to connect the ideas can help in this respect. Likewise, avoid writing down every word the teacher utters, as you will certainly miss information this way. Instead, focus on writing down the main ideas and pieces of information.

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Make Your Notes Coherent and Legible

As stated, using your time wisely when taking notes is crucial to ensure you have the complete information. Still, being the fastest note taker in the whole of Texas won't do you any good if you can't understand what you wrote later on. That's why you should always prioritize coherence and legibility in your notebooks. To that end, it's recommended that you write in your best penmanship, so you can read your handwriting when you have to study. Furthermore, write in coherent phrases and sentences that make sense to you, so that you can learn effectively with your notes.

Emphasize the Most Important Information

You get a lot of information in your classes. As you may have been able to notice, not all of it holds the same weight. There's some information that is more relevant and that you need to learn better than other (for example, names, dates, definitions, formulas, among other). To emphasize the most important information in your notes and keep it from getting lost among all of your other notes, make use of highlighters and sticky notes. This way, said information will catch your eye immediately upon opening your notebook.

Take a Moment to Review Your Notes

As a final tip, it's highly suggested that you proofread your notes once you're done taking them. Taking a moment to review what you wrote down will help you guarantee that everything makes sense and that your notes are complete. If upon your review, you find that something isn't clear on your notes or that you're missing key pieces of information, you can turn to a peer to compare notes, or you can ask your teacher to explain the lesson once again. Doing so will ensure that your notes will be an effective study aid.

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