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It seems like nowadays, children are glued to their cell phones and their mobile devices. If you want to keep your child safe when they use theirs and prevent that it becomes a distraction, the post below will share some tips you can follow.

How to Prevent Cell Phone Distractions

  1. First, you need to set rules regarding cell phone usage. For instance, you should set time limits, as well as limits of how and when they can make use of their cell phone.
  2. And while on the subject of rules, help your child realize that their academics education. This means that they should only be allowed to use their cell phone after they're done with their assignments. If they often get distracted, change the wifi password while they work.
  3. If your child lacks motivation to keep up with their school work, use their cell phone as incentive to ensure they keep their focus on their school duties.
  4. An important tip to keep in mind to guarantee your child remains safe while using their cell phone is to enable parental controls. This will give you the power to restrict what kind of content your child has access to and what they do online.
  5. Lastly, if you notice that your child doesn't comply with the cell phone rules you established, or they don't have enough maturity to handle the responsibility of a cell phone, take it away as a last resort.

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